Saturdays Rock!

3 Apr

The older I get, the more I worship Saturdays.   I love Saturday because:

* after 25 years in corporate America, I now treat myself to not wearing makeup on Saturdays and Sundays….ladies, do you know how much time this saves??

* no phones, no annoying, manic, cruel bosses!

* I can sleep til 10:30 if I want…and trust me, I want

* I can hang out with friends and not worry about the time

* Total freedom….even running errands is a pleasure because they are for me, not for anyone else.  During the week, I have to make demeaning appointments for others…car washes, dentist appointments, “find me an eye doctor”, and the list goes on and on

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to the weekends….also known as the two days that keep me from losing my shit.

Tomorrow – Happy Easter and What Would Jesus Do with a Bad Boss?

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