How To Pass the Time in a Failing Business

9 Apr

Sadly, I’ve been in this position twice in my career.  Now, I think I handle it better than I did previously because I know that a failing business is not the end of the world.   If employed at a failing business with no clients…how in the world does one stay busy and awake?   Here are some experienced suggestions to get you started.

1) Read. If you do not sit in the open or if you are the sole employee left in said business, this is a perfect time to catch up on all those novels or trash books you’ve been meaning to read.   Ultimate scenario is if said failing dump business is near a library or bookstore.

2) Games.  If you have an internet connection, which I pray you do since it is 2010, play solitaire and other mind-numbing games to take your mind off the impending doom.  I, personally, am the #1 scorer in an online crossword game on Great Day Games.

3) Watch TV.  This used to be a bit harder than it is today.  In 1998, while in a failing firm, thank GOD they had a TV so lawyers could play their stupid videos about cases that they felt made them look smart.  We were just thankful that if we wheeled the thing into certain parts on our floor, we could get a good signal for a few channels and if we were really lucky, watch The Jerry Springer Show and make fun of the folks more down on their luck than we were.  Now, we’d be out of luck with the new digital signal!   Try….they have enough shows to keep you busy for a long time. 

4) Sleep.  Again, one has to be the sole employee here….don’t try this in the open if you have fellow coworkers that may rat on you.   Old failing firm had a couch and Best Friend would look at me regularly and announce she was going to sleep the rest of the day.  The woman would get up at the end of the day and have the pattern of the couch imprinted on her face.  I was too nervous to do such things because I was in my 20s and I still cared.  Now, I don’t.

5) Be thankful.  Be thankful you get to go someplace that pays you to sit there til they go out of business.   You have heating and air, electricity, plumbing…lots of regular comforts.  Remind yourself you are being paid an annual salary to do any of the activities suggested above (and several more).  Just try to remember this when you are about to pull your hair out from brain-numbing boredom and you don’t think you can take another fricking second of absolute silence. 

At the end of the day, anyone with sense will realize that hey…their place of work is going out of business.   Enjoy it while you can, but be sure to use that down time to look for another job and use as many of the failing businesses resources as possible to assist you in your job search.   Use your job…don’t let it use you! They won’t care – they are going out of business!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow – Words that Make Me Want to Vomit

4 Responses to “How To Pass the Time in a Failing Business”

  1. Cori April 9, 2010 at 1:05 pm #

    Thinking about the imprint on your friend’s face is making me laugh out loud!

  2. Jeff308M1 April 9, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    Search actively for another job.

  3. Office1 April 9, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

    Suggestion: Find another friend in a failing business and get set up on instant messenger. Holding a conversation in virtual space can kill an incredible number of hours…especially when people around you are doing RIDICULOUS things like…pretending that the business might stay afloat.

  4. alchiketi April 10, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    Hey Office1, stop talking outloud about my organization! shh…

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