How to Fight the Sunday Blues

11 Apr

In the current job with Bad Boss, I’m feeling something I haven’t felt since high school – the Sunday blues.   Actually, these days it starts when I wake up on Saturday.  That’s awful!   What are some techniques one could use to fight the Sunday blues?

* Take off Monday (see earlier post regarding 3 day weekends)

* Start drinking as soon as possible…and I don’t mean coffee.  If you are in one of those awful states that prohibits alcohol sales on Sundays, you must plan ahead and do your latest booze run on Saturday.

*Prescription muscle relaxers, mood enhancers or anti-anxiety drugs sure don’t hurt.

*Buy lottery tickets and check the numbers religiously.  This can be difficult if you do not win and you are so disappointed that you drift into a deeper depression…so just keep your expectations in check.

*Plan vacations, even if you never really go because your bastard boss will not approve your requested days off.  Bad Boss likes to act like he didn’t hear me, didn’t get my email or he tells me he is not sure it is a good time and will let me know later (which he never does).

Some of you may say “Why don’t you just quit if you hate it so much?”  Trust me, I’m trying, but where else would I get such good material?

In the meantime, faced with the impending arrival of Monday morning, I’ve got to go check my lottery numbers and on that condo I’m trying to reserve in Florida.

Tomorrow (Special Reader Request) – How to Go Poo While at Work



2 Responses to “How to Fight the Sunday Blues”

  1. Cori April 12, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    I have conflicting feelings about your quitting- I support your happiness but the blog is too much fun to read!

  2. digicollage April 14, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one! Seriously, mine starts Saturday night. That’s why I try to get everything done or do something amazing Friday night. That way it’s ALMOST like a 3-day weekend! 🙂 Great blog!!

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