Spring Has Sprung!

18 Apr

Eyes watering, sore throat, runny nose, headache, overwhelming pollen, or is it just the thought of your Bad Boss?   Bad Boss causes all of these symptoms in addition to the major pain growing in my ass.  If only I could take a Claritin to rid myself of him.

Outside of my hateful sarcasm, Spring really is a beautiful time of renewal.  I usually dread Spring, because it means Summer is close behind and Living Dilbert hates to be hot!  However, this Spring has felt a bit different.  I am not feeling dread…I’m feeling something deep inside that I haven’t felt in so long that I almost didn’t recognize it – hope.  With the world so beautiful outside, I can’t help but think that maybe things can be new and fresh for me too, even with a Bad Boss up my ass.  This blog gives me a new perspective with all the wonderful comments I am receiving.  Hell, maybe I’ll even go on an interview for a new job and then I can get sprung too!    Don’t worry……I have 20 years of experience and countless stories to feed Living Dilbert for years!   Honestly, just the thought of looking for another job cheers me up!  One does not have to feel stuck in a frozen wintery tundra of helplessness and dread, it’s Spring!   Enjoy the sun, the beautiful flowers and that feeling of hope!

Tomorrow, Spurred by Reader Enthusiasm – MORE Telltale Signs of a Bad Boss

2 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. alchiketi April 18, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    i thought long and hard before posting this…cause you sounded hopeful…for one springgy moment and didn’t want to quash it. but hell…if i don’t Bad Boss will..at least this is just a story.

    So my BB slammed her hands on the table and screamed at me at staff meeting for asking her when she thought she could take us off furlough?! and then she had the balls to post it to her FB status update!

    Spring i guess is not so hopeful for one winter bush like myself.

  2. Jeff308M1 April 18, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    Hope is good. I am sure your family and SO are very glad to hear you have begun to see other employment. You have done your time and have given the firm more than enough time to settle in (or not). Time to seek a job at a place where employees are treated like assets and management is actually trying to make business progress and a place with actual (vice promised) benefits.

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