The Spirit of Giving or Lack Thereof

24 Apr

Most lawyers and high-end business executives are cheap when it comes to doing anything nice for another human being.  Sometimes their cheapness surprises even me.   So many examples come to mind…where do I begin?  

A few years ago at Old Law Firm, our floor was asked to collect some money to give to the nice gentleman that handled the mail on our floor and to the young guy that handled all of our files and records.  These folks did not get any kind of holiday bonus or any other gift usually, so we wanted to do something for them to show our appreciation.   I gave $20 as did many of the other staff on our floor….it was the holidays after all and these were great guys!   The collection pot came around to a particularly high-end preening lawyer whose mere presence made my skin crawl.   Let’s see…what did he donate?   $5.00.  Five whole dollars to be split between the two of them.  Why bother?  

Other great examples:

– The terd who had me bring him his change  ($0.86) from the lunches he made me go buy for everyone – he probably makes $1.5 million a year with his eyes closed.

– The fine person who donated a gift card for a non-profit to buy some much-needed supplies for a family that had lost their home to a fire.  The gift card?  It was a $25 gift card that had a whopping $3.42 balance and the person had the audacity to put a sticky note on it saying that was all that was remaining.   Really? You shouldn’t have….and it appears you didn’t.

– During the horrible lay-offs in 2009, an idea was presented to the new associates at Old Law Firm that they could pool together some of their “bonus” money and save a secretary’s job OR they could be greedy and keep that money.  Keep in mind that most associates at the big law firms start, START out with at least $130K a year, plus signing bonus, plus other bonues.  Yep, sweet and dedicated secretary lost her job faster than a big-firm lawyer will jump on a loose dollar bill.

– Did you know that in most big businesses it is the staff who give 80% of the money in all collections?   It was certainly true at Old Law Firm.

Hats off to the wonderful secretaries, assistants and other staff personnel out there who know how to give and do so whole-heartedly and with the least money to spare.  You, my friends, make a difference in the world in a very good way.   As for the rest of you tightwad, money-grubbing executives?   Karma.   Look it up.

Tomorrow – Any Given Sunday

4 Responses to “The Spirit of Giving or Lack Thereof”

  1. shutterboo April 24, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    Please tell me you’re joking about the $3.50 on a used gift card. That makes me want to start slapping my hand around and saying “put your face in this”. How unfortunate that many people are too self-centered to even help out. I may not donate a lot of money but I make bourbon balls and cookies like nobody’s business.

  2. MB April 26, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    This is exactly the reason why the rich get richer … it’s because they are cheap bastards and leave the donating and giving to the people who can least afford it.

  3. Cori April 26, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    I can not believe the gift card balance story- that is just embarrassingly shameful. What an ass. They would make a nice couple with the terd that asked for his change. UGH.

    I have also found it to be true that those who have less money tend to give more and I am a BIG believer in Karma.

    I am awed by your stories- fact is always stranger than fiction!

  4. The Orifice April 28, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    We too have the issue. It pains me how we on a pittance put in so much. Say $10 each. But when we ask the GM to contribute and he asks how much, he say loudly “TEN DOLLARSSS. JEESH!”

    To top it off went he first started he used to buy a bowl of fruit. Now he has removed everything, so we have to buy birthday cakes ourselves but he needs a 24 inch dual plasma screen thing just to do excel and powerpoint.






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