18 Jun

Hi, all! Please don’t worry and forgive me for reblogging the last two posts, but this one is SO good. I thought about writing on the same subject (undiagnosed chronic pain) and I’m sure I eventually will in my own Living Dilbert way. 😁. However, this one really made some incredible analogies that I could not leave unworshipped and part of our blog community is sharing other voices. Living Dilbert gives this 4 stars. I laughed, too, because I’ve started taking care of all the plants in the house and I even TALK TO THEM! Honestly, I’m looking for my own place in the sun. Karma, maybe?

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

If you are stuck at home like I am most days, and are struggling to find something productive to do that doesn’t require a lot of energy – grow a plant.

You can start from scratch or you can purchase a baby bulb that has just begun its growth cycle.

Two years ago, on my twentyfirst birthday a girl I was studying with bought me a Pony Tail Palm Tree.

When I first got him, he was very small and only had three leaves poking from his root.
I neglected him.
I kept him in my bedroom, away from sunlight and rarely watered him. He began to shrivel, and two years later he was merely a tiny squishy root barely emerged from the dirt.

During my bedridden state of illness, I noticed the lack-of plant on my desk, and asked my Dad if he would help me move the…

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