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Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

13 Jul

In a recent interview with a labor and employment firm, I was taken aback by how extremely conservative they were!   I had a to sign all types of crap and I was just interviewing!   Being excited with the thought of getting out of here, it took me a while for the whole process to sink in and to realize I sure as HELL do not want to work there…so, I took my name out of the hat.    What helped turn me off?

– Do you play a musical instrument?   WHAT?   I said..uh…no, why? and they said, “Well, you look “artsy” and I bet you hang out at so and so (well-known ecclectic area in my big city).   She proceeded to say, “Well, with your hair and your little black glasses…”  WHAT?   What’s up with my hair?   because it is short?   I have CUTE glasses.   People, I’m not an alien from Mars….my hair is currently short and stylish and I have glasses.  SO?   Oh, I get it..they want the old-fashioned legal secretary type.   Maybe if my hair was in

What's the problem?!

a bun and I had little reading glasses and sensible shoes they would have liked that better?   I could never relax there and the guy I would have worked for sounded far more needy than Bad Boss.  Dick heads….good luck to them!

Sweet Cooper commented yesterday that his wife was asked to sign an agreement stating that she would not get pregnant for five years.  WHAT?   Is that legal??  What are some crazy things you’ve been asked in an interview?

Oh, it looks like tomorrow is the day I’m coming in at 5;30 in the morning to assist with the move of our server.  What the hell time will I get up?? 

Tomorrow – More Classic Signs of Work Burnout