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The Whatever Factor

27 Feb

The Whatever Factor

Hi!  Are you having a good week so far?  I simply must share something that will help – I mean it – will HELP your Monday!  I’m not a giant reblogger and it is nothing personal to anyone, but damn, I could not pass this up.  Izzy is an old blogging friend and she is on a hell of a roll.  Wanted to share.  She has total Living Dilbert sass or I have The Whatever Factor sass, not sure.. .but, please read and enjoy!  I’m still chuckling and LD needed a chuckle today!


Not Giving In Just Yet…

27 Jun

Enjoying my last glass of fruity summer wine…even cherishing my 4 million mosquito bites.   LONG drive home yesterday and I’m so proud in that I didn’t get too depressed.   Got home late last night, ordered Chinese with Main Squeeze and slept hellishly late today.  

Sigh….it’s coming.  You know what.   Monday morning after vacation.   I was hoping one of my yellow fly bites (I saw it bite me) would turn into some kind of Yellow Fever or I’d develop blood poisoning, but this damn immune system of mine is not hearing of it.  

I’m tan and I haven’t worn makeup in seven whole days.   Hell, I didn’t even shower one or more of the days.  It was so eye-opening.  Cherish your vacation days.  Cherish THEM.  Thankfully, I did.  I was very present for every second.   So thankful I could go on vacation and spend it with Main Squeeze’s incredible family.   They were so good to me and they are an amazing family.  It makes a happy lump in Living Dilbert’s throat just to think about it.  As much as I hate Bad Bosses and they do unspeakable things to me often….I’m a very lucky woman.  

Good news…I’ll be back to my old self in a day or so!

Tomorrow – Reporting from the Front Lines (will do post when I arrive to work…should be quite frank….)

Is It Monday Already?

7 Jun

Ugh.  Happy Monday, sweet people.  I’ve found a few things to comfort myself even though it is the most dreaded day of the week.

Reasons I Can Live With This Monday:

1 – I plan to call in sick one day this week and it delights me to no end.   I giggle with glee just thinking about it.

2 – I didn’t get arrested this weekend, a black eye, a flat tire, get food poisoining or punch anyone in the head…I’d say that’s reason enought to celebrate right there.

3 – I will “borrow” a power surge protector this week. I know where several are that are unused (and never will be) and since we are losing 1/2 our space and won’t even have any spare electrical outlets now…I realized I need one at home.  I hate waste and I consider it a form of recycling.

4 – I’m going back my “low-carb” healthy way of eating.  I’ve had fun the last two weeks eating a lot of crap, but for now…it makes me feel like crap – inside and out.  Damn, I have Bad Bosses to make me feel like crap, I sure don’t need to add to it myself.

5 – We are one morning closer to Friday!   Enough said.

What helps bring you some smidgen of comfort on a Monday?

Tomorrow – I Think Bad Boss is in the Running for “Single White Female”

Thank Goodness Mondays Only Come Once a Week

10 May

Can you imagine if we had to dread more than one Monday a week?   I wonder how it would change our perspective?  Would we feel an equal sense of dread prior to both?  Or would Monday #1 always be worse than Monday #2?   Perhaps this is my inner psyche beginning to come up with creative ways to dread the one Monday a little less.  

Actually, this Monday I’m feeling almost giddy.  Bad Boss has been nicer lately, we have no business and he is going to be out again this week for three and a half whole days!   Useless Coworker is on vacation for two weeks since Bad Boss doesn’t seem to blink an eye when she takes any fricking time off…so, I’ll make the best of it and secretly plan my escape!   What are some distinctions that make this Monday different from all the other soul-sucking Mondays?

1) Bad Boss is only working 1.5 days this week.   When he is out of the office, I feel a great sense of relief as if someone has removed a very painful thorn from my ass.

2) Useless Coworker won’t be there to ask me how my weekend was.   I’m mad enough that it is Monday already and I sure as shit do not want to engage in mind-numbing conversation about how our weekends were or how many times she worked out (makes me want a doughnut just hearing about it).

3) I’m less likely to have notes or emergency beacons flashing red at my desk when I arrive due to #1 and #2 above.  Nothing makes me grumpier than when I get to work and there is some half-crazily scrawled note in my chair that says, “My computer won’t turn on.  Please see me ASAP.”  or “The electric stapler won’t staple.  Please fix it ASAP.”  Just the letters “ASAP” make me very surly.

4) Bad Boss #2 and #3 may be there, but I’ve realized they don’t particularly like Monday’s either so hopefully they’ll just want to engage each other in conversation about fishing or how awful Obama is or maybe even discuss how our country is going to hell because of all the liberals.

5) I know that once I manage to rewrap my head around the fact no one seems to give a crap about us swirling slowly down the toilet, then I actually feel pretty calm.  

When you are swirling down the crapper and surrounded by chest-pounding, poo-throwing buffoons, you have to appreciate the little things.  

Tomorrow – Why My Life is Like The Night of the Living Dead

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

3 May

Guess I’m giving away my age a little bit, but I swear this song starts popping in my head by 5:00 on Sunday afternoons.   Plus, I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so it will be the perfect Monday morning…rainy, bad traffic and all will increase my bad attitude!   I’ll try to be nice and go into work with a good attitude, but whenever I try this it is usually over and done with in about 32 seconds from my arrival.   I’ll head to my chair…see something waiting for me there (like work) and viola…instant pissiness!   Another thing that causes an instant piss mood is a flashing message light.   My first thought again should be “oh, someone called me that may need my services…I wonder how I can help them?”  Unfortunately, my bad self usually thinks “Who the Fu** already called me this morning?  GD it!”   Are these the classic signs of burnout?   I think so.

Therefore, in an effort to pump myself up for Monday morning, I’ll try to go ahead and fill myself with good thoughts!  Maybe that will work!  Reasons to be “happy” on Monday morning….I’m employed, I’ll be out of the rain, no one is overtly trying to kill me, I thankfully have all of my limbs and my body seems to be in good working order, no one at work is too extremely unpleasant to look at….I have all kinds of reasons to be happy!   But, no matter how damn hard I try, I’m usually in that same bad mood within seconds of sitting down at my desk.   Am I a bad person?  Damn it!  Failed again!  Right back where I started.   Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Tomorrow – Dumping Toxic Waste