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Refresh and Renew

10 Jul

Thank GOD…we made it to Saturday !  Are you all celebrating?  I’m going to…I’m going to celebrate the fact that I have washed the stench of this morgue off me for two whole days!  

We’ve got some crazy stuff going on at work.  As I said a few weeks ago, the building didn’t love Bad Bosses idea of not paying our rent anymore and playing “hardball” with them, so they are taking back 1/2 our space!   I find it downright amusing watching Bad Boss’ stew about the fact that they have to move a lot of their crap.   Of course on Friday they started looking at me about what they should do.  Bad Boss got so nervous he ran home with his little tail tucked between his legs at 2:30.  He sure disproves the real meaning of, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  He’s interpreted that to mean, “run for your  life and shirk all responsibility!”   I think the next few weeks are going to provide some excellent posts!

So, on that note….eff them and their move and their crappy business and their crappy, self-serving attitudes for the weekend!   Bad Boss, who?   It’s time for me to relax, recharge and rejoice.  They can all kiss my shiney hiney.

Tomorrow – I’m Not Going Outside Until October

How Was My Interview?

12 Jun

I’m sorry for my delayed post!   I had trouble getting an internet connection in my secret hideout today.

Aren’t we all so damn glad it is Saturday?  I sure am.  It is also a relief to have that job interview done.   They were very, very nice…they heard through the grapevine that I was looking to escape Ass Kisser, Shit for Brains & I Hate Women LLP and they called me!  Do you think that is a good sign?  They chatted with me for two hours.   I got a good feel for the place, liked the two ladies that conducted the interview very much AND they have excellent benefits.  I’ve become so sadly complacent where I currently am that I’d forgotten how incredible it would be to have good medical, dental and vision insurance.  I’ll cross my fingers to hear good things.   Also, DON’T worry!  If I’m in a new law firm, I’ll get totally new material and if it is a bigger place…more stories!

IF it works out, our next step is to figure out the most effective way to tell Bad Boss to shove it….

Tomorrow – More Reasons to Love Sunday

Reasons Saturdays Rule

5 Jun

Do we really even need any reasons?   I think not!  However, for fun…let me just throw out a few – 

  • Saturday is a weekend/rest/non-work day in most countries.
  • Saturday is the official day of rest in Israel, on which all government offices and most businesses, including some public transportation, are closed.
  • Saturday morning is a notable television time block aimed at children while airing generally animated cartoons. (ha…my favorite!)
  • It is common for clubs, bars and restaurants to be open later on Saturday night than on other nights.
  • In folklore, Saturday was the preferred day to hunt vampires, because on that day they were restricted to their coffins. It was also believed in the Balkans that someone born on Saturday could see a vampire when it was otherwise invisible, and that such people were particularly apt to become vampire hunters.  Accordingly, in this context, people born on Saturday were specially designated as sabbatianoí in Greek. 
  • A large majority of football league games are played in the UK on a Saturday.
  • In Amherst, Nova Scotia, the Holiday ‘Good Saturday’ is celebrated by everybody giving a cake to each other.
  • …and unlike Sunday in the South, you can still buy alcohol on Saturday!!! (I added this one for free.)

Thanks to Wikipedia for this great info!  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday)

I was just thinking, Bad Boss is a blood-sucker and I only see him Monday – Friday.  Perhaps Saturday would be a good day to search for him in his coffin and drive a stake through his heart.

Tomorrow – Finding Saturday on Sunday

Saturday, Blissful Saturday

22 May

Thank God, I made it.  It is Saturday!!!   Yippee!

Reasons to love Saturday?

Coffee in bed, birds singing, sun shining (or rain falling….I don’t really care), no ringing phones, no Bad Boss faces in mine, no overt stupidity to handle, precious time with Main Squeeze, more coffee, maybe a little candy, a movie?, good times with friends, new restaurants, pjs, newspaper…books.    Life!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend too!  Thank for so much for reading and it’s such a huge pleasure hearing from you all.  I can’t tell you how much it helps my days with Bad Boss!

Tomorrow – Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon

Saturday Morning Cartoons and Superheroes

8 May

The oddest things pop into my head when I am feeling overly stressed.   Sometimes it is just a glimpse of my former life when I was young and happy.  When I say “young”…I mean a child, before life starts to happen and clouds our perspective.   Remember?  Back then, it only took the little things to make me so happy – like Saturday morning cartoons!   I remember when they used to have entire preview shows of the upcoming cartoons…I’d live for those previews.   My favorite cartoons were the superhero cartoons – Justice League with Superman and Aquaman, before the stupid Wonder Twins came along and ruined their credibility.   Just thinking of those two twins makes me grit my teeth!   Anyway, beginning today…I think I’ll try a few Saturday blogs based on superheroes and I don’t even care if it is nerdy.  Superheroes can come in so many different sizes and shapes!

I’m not super young, but not super old either and I still want to be Superman.  When Bad Boss bugs me, I’d give him a little hot laser ray on his behind.  While driving to work and being stuck behind someone going slowly in the left lane whilst talking on their cell phone, I’d fly their butts up to the top of  the largest building I could find and leave them there….with a confident word of advice on how next time perhaps they’d think of others and kindly drive in the right lane.   Can you even imagine all the things you DO with supersonic speed, the ability to fly, unmeasurable strength and an injury-proof exterior?!  I’m nearly giddy in daydream land just thinking about it.

Since it looks like I can’t be Superman in this lifetime, I have to find other ways to help.  My main passion is helping animals because they don’t talk back, are not rude and they love you unconditionally.  This weekend, I’ll lend my volunteer hand to a big animal-rescue festival and it will be so great being a little bit of a superhero to those babies.  Want to be a superhero too?    Volunteering is an amazing way to do so!   Whether you have 30 minutes or an hour, wherever your talents may lie, I can tell you that someone or something out there in the big, blue world needs you!

Tomorrow – I Miss My Mom

Saturday Blahs….

1 May

Sorry, everyone….Living Dilbert was not at the top of her game today…hence, no “real” post.   You know that sick day I’m always wishing to have?   Today was that day!   I’ll be back tomorrow, Sunday, promise!!!

Tomorrow – What is May Day?!

I Know You’ve Got a Lot on Your Plate, But….

17 Apr

Bad Boss seems to be under the impression I’m always really busy. I have no idea where he gets this from considering his favorite thing to give me to do is to sit around and wait for something that “might” happen.  Anyway, if he has something crappy he’s thought up for me to do, he’ll always start it with, “I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but…”   Sir, let’s discuss some of the heavy-duty items I have on my plate on a daily basis:

–  Spending time restraining myself from punching you in the face, developing multiple personalities or having a stroke.

–  Still trying to find a great, inexpensive vacation spot for the days off that you never let me have.

– Watching dust settle.

– Printing random things and then stapling them so I “sound” busy.  (I really do this, people.)

– Writing my new blog in order to make myself laugh at your expense.

– Counting all the times the phone has rung today, which is….zero.

– Thinking up ways to make your life a living hell.

– Thinking of all the ways you’ve made MY life a living hell.

– Laughing at all of your empty promises.

– Looking for another job on your dime.

So, if all of those things can be counted…then, hell yes, I’m swamped.

Tomorrow – Spring Has Sprung!

Words That Make Me Want to Vomit

10 Apr

We all have them…words that when we hear them, we basically want to projectile vomit on the spot.  I have several categories of vomit words, but for the sake of the narrow focus of this blog (corporate hell), I’ll stick with businessy-type words.

“Touch base, corporate interface, reach out, return on investment, circle back, best practices, think tank, power through, team building, think outside the box, bottom line and results-oriented” – those will be enough to get you thinking “Thank GOD it is fricking Saturday!”

Frankly, all of the above-referenced words are terribly overused and annoying as hell.  If you use these words in any business conversations, business meetings,  or business pitches, etc., people will think you are a jackass.  Try never to speak these words aloud.

Tomorrow – How to Fight the Sunday Blues

Saturdays Rock!

3 Apr

The older I get, the more I worship Saturdays.   I love Saturday because:

* after 25 years in corporate America, I now treat myself to not wearing makeup on Saturdays and Sundays….ladies, do you know how much time this saves??

* no phones, no annoying, manic, cruel bosses!

* I can sleep til 10:30 if I want…and trust me, I want

* I can hang out with friends and not worry about the time

* Total freedom….even running errands is a pleasure because they are for me, not for anyone else.  During the week, I have to make demeaning appointments for others…car washes, dentist appointments, “find me an eye doctor”, and the list goes on and on

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to the weekends….also known as the two days that keep me from losing my shit.

Tomorrow – Happy Easter and What Would Jesus Do with a Bad Boss?